segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2011

Who run the world after all!

After all who run the world... Guys or girls?
How was this designed to be?
Now its the time where men demand their "highest" power and probably the true ultimate tool of seduction and power in the female standart for women this era.
In past times men where Rulers, Kings, Gods and there for adornments, perfume, makeup and jewelry were common in their lives and even in some cases like egipcians in "other" lives.
Now, women have the power that for so long we all fighted for, now man and women batlle again in order to became closer and be considered as "one", as equals.
Sometimes i wonder when i go to the supermarket, music shop a concert or clubs... the androgeny does make you realize that gender is much more than looks... it has too...!? 
Is there many diferences now between a man and a women beside the biologic and the anatomic gender they were born with?
They say in nature that some male species are more atractive than females because that is the tool nature gave them in order to ensure seduction and expand the specie, does that happen in our specie too?
Are man in the end of a "silence" control by the stigma that a high heel makes him more submissive assuming that women were still fighting for equality?

This are just some toughts...
Coment, im anxious to know what you think and reply!


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